Re-growing your own FREE spring onions


Did you know you can grow your own spring onions or green onions as they are sometimes called. It’s so easy.

After cutting up pop the end of the stem with its root into a glass of water on the window and in about 12 days they will have grown back ready to trim! I usually get about 5 cuttings right back over 6 weeks then I start with a new bunch.



My shopping plan to get necessities today


20130703-195653.jpgToday I made a little list after pulling out everything from the pantry.

The list did not seem so bad at first, I thought this will not cost much. First stop was the local organic shop where I went to grab a few things on my list. First thing I grabbed was not on the list! Arrhhh how will I be able to do this? I picked up some Silvas Gourmet Coffee which is a local roasted coffee mmmmm. Yes, temptation got to me even before I walked into the shop! Luckily they didn’t have much of what I wanted as it was out of stock, so I didn’t spend as much as I planned. Next stop was the supermarket for some basics. All done, got them and some other things that are shoved in my face for me to be tempted once again. $90 later! This will take some training. I am not very good at this.

I also started to de-clutter today. I have dumped a whole lot of things in our lounge room. My plan is to go through it and sort it out every day. I have sorted but really that is it. Tomorrow is a new day and hopefully we can start to sell some things that are cluttering our lives.

This was what I created from the cupboard thinking I had nothing to eat…

I was wrong. 🙂

Money, Money, Money


Our biggest hurdle in our life is money. It seems to always be in conversation and always causes the most pain for our family.  For over 10 years my husband and I been self employed.  As the economy has dropped so has the business. Struggling for sales when people are not spending is so hard. My husband has online businesses and I have a sewing/textile business and skincare business. Yes I am always doing something.

My days are filled with my 3 year old wanting me to play and hubby asking for advice.  In all that I manage to feed everyone and tend to my businesses.  Image

But we have to start budgeting and cutting back, I start to feel a little overwhelmed and depressed before even beginning! I decided to start looking at what was in the fridge and pantry and realise there is a heap of food when normally I would say there is nothing.  We have plenty of clothes, so many they don’t fit in our cupboards and a roof over our head that okay has one leak we are trying to fix ourselves! I start thinking I am actually rich in a strange type of way. So the challenge is to learn and appreciate what we have when others do not have as much and block out the material people.

1st of July is the start of our new journey…


My husband and I have decided to follow our dream.  We want to live self sufficient from our land and build a mud brick home on some acreage. So I have started this blog.

Down at the local post office today I was waiting to be served and saw a sign… Yes it was our sign! I had to grab it and put it on the fridge to remind me how every day we will work towards this new journey we are about to take on. Very excited!